Tap Shoe Cover & Tap Board


Our patent pending tap shoe cover is ideal for individuals living in assisted living facilities, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, memory care facilities, at adult day care facilities, older adults, individuals who require special shoes, individuals who are living with a disability or in a wheelchair, special populations, or anyone looking for the brain and body exercise and fun recreation of tap dancing. 


The tap shoe cover attaches to your shoes so that you do not have the discomfort of having to put on a tap shoe, yet can still enjoy the fun brain and body exercise of tap dancing. The zipper opening allows the tap shoe cover to widely open and easily be put on over any shoe. Our tap shoe cover is reusable, easy to wear, convenient and portable.


  • The tap shoe cover comes in three sizes- M, L and XL. 

  • Large is ideal for shoe sizes: Women, 6.5 - 10; Men, 6 - 9.5

  • XL is ideal for shoe sizes: Women 10.5 - and up; Men, 10 and up or if individual requires a special boot or brace


Want to ensure your tap shoe covers are generating great sound? Look no further than our tap board. This is a great addition to the tap shoe covers if you have carpet and need a hard surface for seated tap dancing or want to prevent scratching your floors with tap shoes. Boards are 22" x 22", 7lbs and have an easy to carry handle built in. 


Intended for seated tap dance only.

Tap Shoe Cover & Tap Board