“At Sunrise, we nurture our resident’s mind, body, and spirit through our Live with Purpose programming. One of the eight signature programs is called Live with Action. Live with Action programs are the activities that keep the body in motion. Active for Life helps achieve this by providing their Seated Rhythm class to our residents. The residents look forward to this class every month! Our instructor Melissa has built a beautiful relationship with our residents. She is always coming up with new ideas and makes sure the residents are staying active. Physical activity is very important for senior health and well-being. We make this happen through awesome programs provided by Active for Life.”

-Mariah M. Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

“First time this resident has exercised in an activity in the 14 years that I’ve been here!

-Pam, Activities Assistant

“I think the class is wonderful. It gets seniors to attend who do not normal enjoy exercise class. It’s a bubbly, warm and welcoming for all those who attend. The music is fun and with the dance moves you do not realize you are exercising. And its Fun!!“ 

-Shannon, Activities Director

"Shannon is still doing her class but I just wanted to let you know I think she is wonderful!! And the residents seem to really enjoy it too. One of our physical therapists also happened to walk by and she couldn’t get enough of it, she said she hasn’t seen a class that has been able to engage the residents like that."

-Ellen R. Activities Director

"This has been my happiest day in 2020. To see my 100 year old father tap dancing has been my happiest day that I've had this year. I Facetime'd my brother in Boston during the (seated tap) class so that he could watch and it brought tears to his eyes and he began to cry. This is wonderful."  

-Pat Smith

"The tap slip ons are great: they're easy to put on and they make me feel like I'm actually dancing as I tap them on my board.   Thank you ,Melissa, for bringing dance & fitness back into my life!"

-Norma M.